Driven by success and excellence

Zepo Commerce is the brainchild of three passionate individuals who have a vested interest in the internet business and web development.

Our management team is highly ingrained with the experience of leadership and a bottomless resource of information related to the internet industry. As such, they are astute observers of the digital trends today, and constantly gear the company towards keeping up-to-date with these advances.

With a constant strive towards achieving excellence within the firm and for our clients led by the management team, we continue to move forward in bringing Zepo Commerce to greater heights.

Aditya Nallabothula
Managing Director

When Aditya Nallabothula founded Zepo Commerce Technologies, his plan was to have a small team dedicated to producing the highest level of work for his clients. As he achieved great results for his early clients, the company was able to grow organically.

He is driving the company’s vision of connecting businesses with great talent to work without limits. He is an expert on working with professionals around the world.

I have more than 10 years of IT industry experience which consists of developing, designing and implementing Web & Mobile based applications for the clients ranging from small business to Fortune 500 companies.

The Honours Degree post graduate from Sri Venkateswara University’s Master of Computer Applications faculty has big dreams for the future of Zepo Commerce.

“We are continuously improving our benefits and practices to give our employees the motivation to share in the success of the company, and look forward to expanding overseas.”