Product Listing Case Study: Water-to-Go

Water-to-Go, is an online Product Listing of bottles and parts with distributors across world wide. It features the latest and best for industrial use. Our invention & technology can give us in this ever growing world, which once was natural resources.

The client wanted a non-cluttered website layout that would be easy to navigate regardless of visitor IT expertise. Despite the heavy machinery they carried, the client did not want the site to seem too technical or intimidating.

The Zepo Commerce: From Vision to Reality

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01 Website Design
Color Palette

We kept to a clean and ordered feel with this colour palette.

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We used Roboto and Lato to pair best with the site’s design.

02 Custom Web Development

To meet client’s vision of bulk exporting customer enquiries, Zepo Commerce developed an enquiry cart function where customers could enquire about multiple products, along with the specifications they are interested in. These enquiry details could be easily exportable, in bulk, to CSV format.

For maximum user-convenience, each product was also given an individual details page which included a description, key features as well as a HQ zoom function of the product image. Additionally, products could also be sorted along nine categories, each able to feature further subcategories.