Branding & Marketing Case Study: Joyaa Interiors

Joyaa are fully furnished accommodations for mid to long-term business travellers across many nationalities. The business prides itself on its outstanding service, diverse amenities and prime location. As the website would be Joyaa’s pioneer online presence,

it was highly important that the site’s style and content were impressive as well as accurate. The client wanted the site to showcase Joyaa’s different types of bedrooms and suites in an appealing way as well as highlight the many facilities residents could enjoy.

The Zepo Commerce Process: From Vision to Reality


When creating a brand new logo for Joyaa, we thought about crafting a first impression for the business that exuded modernity and professionalism. The thin font lent a sense of sophistication to the logo, while the central graphic mirrored the neat and structured exterior of the apartments.


The style of writing was targeted to be consistent with Joyaa’s target audience of corporations and Human Resource personnel across every industry, reflecting a professional yet accessible quality. Zepo Commerce also aimed to make a good impression on potential residents of Joyaa by presenting Joyaa as a full lifestyle experience rather than just temporary accommodations.

We marketed Joyaa as:

One of the world’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan destinations.”

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03 Website Design
Color Palette

We kept to the inviting and professional feel with this colour palette.

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We used Playfair Display, Montserrat and Lato to pair best with the site’s design.


With the website completed to the client’s vision and launched to the public, Zepo Commerce then engaged in marketing the site on #1 international search engine Google to bring in web traffic. As a certified Google Partner agency, Zepo Commerce was able to offer specific insights on optimising the Google marketing campaign and consult Google directly if any issues arose.

Within the first 5 months of marketing, the campaign generated over 28,000 impressions to potential customers. These ads featured Joyaa’s contact number, business information, as well as links to the inner pages of the website.