Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Zepo Commerce for Causes – Because we care for society.

We dedicate our progress to society, because we care. As such, all charity organisations* who engage our services are entitled to a 20% discount.

In addition, we offer such charitable organisations

  • 2 years 20 GB
  • Unlimited email accounts free hosting

*Such organisations need to have obtained charity status or Not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) are approved by in India . All you have to do is submit approved documentation to us proving that your organisation has attained charity status

Zepo Commerce for Green – Because the environment matters.

The age of digital marketing has dawned upon us, and that is why we turn away from print marketing, encouraging all our employees and clients to adopt a paperless office.

  • We encourage our clients to use digital advertising and pull in the results that matter – while staying environmentally friendly!
  • We deliver client’s invoices electronically, and employee payslips are accessed online
  • We are moving towards digitising our documents and records
  • Our employees carry digital business cards
  • We also encourage all our employees to reduce the consumption of energy by switching off all computers at the power sockets

Zepo Commerce for Entrepreneurs – Because SMEs matter.

As an SME ourselves, we believe in the power of SMEs making a difference in the business environment. The importance of entrepreneurship cannot be underestimated.

Zepo Commerce believes in giving back to SMEs and grooming entrepreneurs in every way we can:

  • We prefer to use our client’s services, because we believe in growing businesses (like us!) that help us to grow.
  • We promote our client’s website via our Facebook page & Newsletter
  • We offer free consultation for SMEs who encounter disputes with their InfoComm service provider
  • We offer free consultation for SMEs on grant applications, to adopt workplace programmes such as Flexi-place schemes.
  • We believe in grooming a future of entrepreneurs, and that’s why we give talks to budding entrepreneurs in universities and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit within them