Our Team

We are a team of creative problem solvers.

We're a team of makers, thinkers, explorers and theatre singers. We approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create meaningful digital products that connect with people, just like you.

  • Anil Kumar T

    By nature Anil identifies himself as chaotic good. In his spare time you can find him enjoying the competitive spirit by playing online multiplayer games. The time of his life? Warm nights spent coding or exploring the city with his energetic husky.

  • Sumanth Uppulappu
    Support Hero

    A full-blown Support Hero helping anyone who needs help on website. Sumanth has the responsible task of making sure every customer is satisfied. When not thinking why people are acting they way they are, Sumanth likes to spend his evenings reading horror books and watching movies.

  • Anvesh Jilla
    Technical Lead

    When not helping to customers, Anvesh snipes the occasional typos and proofreads new Knowledge Base articles. In his free time, Anvesh doesn’t shy away from a good science fiction or fantasy books, always leaving the less exciting genres for later. Anvesh also likes multiplayer games he can enjoy with his friends online.

  • Kunal Anand
    Customer Success Manager

    Fighting problems of our customers with passion and commitment. His work motto is “If our customers are happy it means I’m doing a good job”. In his free time he’s improving his playing skills and beginning his running adventure, hoping one day he will cross a marathon finish line.

  • Soumithri
    Project Coordinator

    Soumithri is our tech-savvy support agent who always amazes us with her knowledge of mobile and desktop technology. She’s really passionate about to learn something new. She spends her free time watching great movies and playing online games.

  • Chiranjeevi
    Graphic Designer

    Chiranjeevi might be seen as a quiet guy who supports customers and daydreams about new graphic designs. But what you don’t know is that he loves speed – whether it’s a bike or a scooter, he puts on his high-speed gloves and breaks all possible road rules!

  • Chandrakanth
    Support Manager

    Chandu is one of our dedicated Customer Support Managers, ready to help anyone and anytime. He’s an adrenaline junky. You can usually find him doing all kinds of thrilling activities like racing or performing cooking experiments in the kitchen.

  • Sahithi
    Senior HR Officer

    Sahithi is a responsible for HR and generally makes sure that we don’t want to kill each other on a daily basis. That takes a lot character and she has no shortage of that. She’s a real rock’n’roller who enjoys music. She likes photographing everything

  • Madhu
    Product Manager

    With so many product development ideas flying around, Madhu is the person who makes sure that all of them end up serving our customers. As a Product Manager, he researches new features, makes sure they get to our customers ASAP and then checks how big of an impact they make. Madhu likes to spend his free time on watching movies,enjoying scenery.

  • Swathi Itha
    Creative Lead

    If you wonder who is crazy about typography and stopped using Comic Sans in elementary school – it’s Swathi. She uses the language of visual communication on a daily basis by combining illustrations, editorial and information design with a pinch of humor and a splash of colors.

  • Sarojini
    Marketplace Specialist

    When asked for 3 best things in the world, Sarojini always answers: sleeping, food and pandas. Don’t be fooled though – she’s an extrovert with huge love for social meetings and music festivals, who can never stay for too long in one place. Serving clients never left her heart though, she’s also devoted to increasing customers’ satisfaction.

  • Rajesh
    Technical Consultant

    Rajesh is an experienced problem hunter and a design mastermind. He combines these skills to come up with simple, user-oriented interfaces and no bug can deceive him! In his free time, he takes long walks and hunts stars falling from the night sky. Loves to spend his time wandering in the wilderness and contemplating the meaning of life on the summits.

  • Kranthi
    Angular Developer

    As a former developer, he tries to solve any problem with creativity to find the best solution. No hour is too late for Jedrzej to do some coding. He often stays up until the wee hours of the day whenever he finds a particularly fun coding challenge. A dedicated meat eater, Jedrzej likes to cook and eat pizza's.

  • Sairam
    Project Coordinator

    Sai is part of our project coordinator team and makes sure that no customer issues goes unresolved. He’s a very complicated man. He’s a sybarite who likes to indulge in good food, music, movies, books. He is often forced to choose one over the other when planning her activities for each week.

  • Hemalatha
    Project Coordinator

    Solving problems with a calm approach and unbreakable patience, Hema makes sure every customer leaves their satisfaction. When asked, She likes to dabble in technical and IT stuff in her free time as well. When not doing that, she’s spending time to consume as many books as possible.

  • Hanuman
    Business Analyst

    An apprentice wordsmith with quite a temper and a passion for writing. A spitfire that gets pulled into arguments easily but always has a laugh about it afterwards. When not writing, Hanuman spends far too much time gaming, watching asian movies and riding his road bicycle.

  • Venkat
    Brand Strategist

    A real charmer, gentleman and jack of all trades. Venkat dabbles in many projects ranging from sending email newsletters to servicing our affiliate program. He has a heart of gold and never refuses when asked for help, even if he has his hands full.

  • Payal

    Payal is a Content Writer, who can also do some buzz in Social Media. She loves connecting to new people via social media. She’s amazed by the power of 140 characters. Passionate about travels, shopper and good food lover. She loves spending free time reading books.

We all get by with a little help from our friends.

We're a team of makers, thinkers, explorers and theatre singers. We approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create meaningful digital products that connect with people, just like you.

  • Nick Acconci
    Sales Consultant

    Nick is a sales person with a focus on the best customer experience. When he’s not on a call with customers, he supports the environment by starting from himself, and travels the world to enjoy the various variety of its beauty. He’s an animal lover who eats no meat and has an adopted dog from an animal shelter.

  • Sharon Teoh
    Sales Consultant

    Sharon provides strategic guidance and all round help for the lovely people below. She has had a varied career spanning hospitality, gaming and ecommerce at The Guardian. She has now spread her horizons to the world of education and provides executive leadership for The London School Group.

  • Jane Lee
    Marketing Executive

    A lovely and welcoming individual who inspires confidence with all those who meet her, Jane is an experienced Market Manager who has spent ten years in the education industry. With just a piece of paper, Jane can make some beautiful objects, some of which you can see around her desk.

  • Michal Woo
    Marketing Specialist

    With an interest in digital marketing and online promotion, I’m passionate about helping our customers get the most from their websites. PPC campaigns and delivering social media training, I support our clients with their ongoing promotional efforts to help ensure they reap the rewards of proactive marketing!

  • Valentina Olivar
    Sales Manager

    My role is to oversee all of the new sales made by the company. I also visit our current customers on a frequent basis. I like to attend local network events which offer a great opportunity to promote the Zepo Commerce brand, and to discuss business opportunities with other companies in the local area.

  • Matt Smith
    Digital Marketer

    I am the Digital Marketer for Zepo Commerce and have a true passion for all things marketing! I am responsible for both Zepo Commerce and our customers marketing. Specialising in digital marketing including Pay-Per-click advertising, blogging and social media, I work with companies to ensure they are being proactive in their marketing efforts.

  • Chris Gropper
    Sales Consultant

    I’m very proud to say I work with some amazing people on day to day basis. I’ve worked in the website design industry for nearly 10 years now, and have spoken to a wide range of companies and assessed their requirements to help promote their businesses on the internet.

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